Rochester Traffic Violations Bureau

All is not lost if you have a speeding ticket in the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB).  I just obtained a good result (relatively speaking) for a client at the Rochester TVB.  As I’ve posted before, cases in the TVB do not give an opportunity to plea bargain.  You must plead not guilty and proceed to a trial before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  In the majority of cases, the officer appears to testify about the facts of the stop and violation.  Typically a finding of guilty to the original speed is issued by the ALJ.

However, the key to a possible reduction is the actual speed cited on the ticket.  For example, an 86/65 mph speeding ticket is a six point violation and will result in a NY DMV “Driver Assessment Fee” of an additional $100.00/year for three years.  But, an 85/65 mph is only a four point violation without any DMV assessment.

For client who fall within this type of speeding ticket – where a one to two mile an hour reduction will make a difference- I will cross-examine the officer on the margin of error for the device used to measure the speed cited.  Of course, there are other areas of cross-examination as well.

If you have a traffic matter in the TVB, contact me at 585.752.7523 for a free consultation.

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