Speeding Tickets in Stafford Town Court – Update

As I have written before, my Traffic Law practice takes me to Stafford Town Court on a regular basis.  Stafford, New York’s geographic location makes it a prime location for speeding tickets as it covers the Thruway (I-90) between Batavia and LeRoy.

That said, the Court’s procedure for hearings on traffic matters has changed over the past year.  In the past, Stafford town court was one of the few courts where the officer who wrote the ticket actually prosecuted the violation.  Most town courts will have an assistant district attorney who does this.  In Stafford, it was not uncommon to have 10-15 New York State Troopers appear at once to prosecute their individual cases.

The new procedure has stream-lined the process.  Usually, each ticket will be screened for any possible reduction by counsel for the NY troopers and the individual will be advised, prior to the hearing, what the possible reduction (if any) will be.  The main factors considered include the driving history of the defendant, speed cited, and other factors including the facts surrounding the stop.

If the offer is not accepted, the case will be set for a bench trial and the officer will have to appear to testify.

If you have received a traffic or speeding ticket in Stafford Town Court, contact me for a free consultation at 585.752.7523.

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